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Building with the

Future in mind

In 2021, the Southeast Jurisdictional leadership came together to develop a 5 point, 10-year plan to grow thriving churches & well-equipped leaders by 2030 - with the focus of leaving no church behind. This plan, known as SEJ2030, is a dynamic plan to increase our membership, transition current churches into buildings, build our youth into future leaders, maximize our online presence, and establishing processes and systems to ensure our continued growth well into the future. 

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Goal 1

To increase our membership and number of SEJ churches, leaving no church behind.

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Goal 2

To ensure each current SEJ church transitions to a building, with most mortgages paid off.

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Goal 3

To build a dynamic youth & young adult department to grow future leaders from within.

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Goal 4

To maximize an online presence for each SEJ church to activate growth.

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Goal 5

To ensure each SEJ church is structurally sound with processes and systems.

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